Check Your Choice

Plants are just like people. All gardeners belong to the same species… humans are all homo sapiens but we have genetic variation with different traits and behaviours. It’s the same for plants. For example, did you know Agapanthus praecox (African Lily) has a high risk of invasiveness but Agapanthus inapertus ‘Silver Lining’ has a lower risk?

You can ‘check your choice’ of plant has a low invasive risk by searching our low-risk plant list below. Make sure you use the correct plant name.

If you want to dig deeper into the science and better understand how risk is assessed, why not create a login and explore the Research Portal or check out our Resources, such as the Are You Plant Sure? booklet.

Sorry, we couldn’t find that plant in our list

Unfortunately, the plant you’ve searched for isn’t in our current list of low-risk plants.

This could be because the plant you’ve searched for hasn’t been assessed yet. With over 30,000 ornamental garden plants available from Australian nurseries, it will take time to grow our assessment library. But we’re working on it and we’re adding new plants all the time!

It also may not have been found because:

  • there’s a spelling error in your search term
  • you’ve entered an incorrect scientific name (take a look at our Are You Plant Sure? booklet to find out more)
  • it’s out of the scope of the program (e.g., it’s an aquatic plant), or
  • it has been assessed — but has been found not to be low risk 
What Should You Do Now?

You could try searching by growth habitat to see low-risk plants that are similar to the type you’re looking for, or browsing through the full list for a bit of plant-spiration!

You could also create an account and get a free login to our research portal where you can carry out an advanced search on this plant to see if we have any assessment data on it.

Or you can always contact one of our member suppliers to get advice on the best plants for your garden.