Learn Why Low-Risk Plants Matter

The Problem With Weeds

Take a look at our simple infographic that presents the latest research on how preventing weed invasions can make a real difference to our environment.

Taking Over

Watch our animation to see just how easy it is for a plant to jump the garden fence and subsequently become invasive.

Weedy Characteristics

Remember, not everything that is a weed is invasive but everything that is invasive is a weed. Learn more about weedy characteristics of a plant.

Buying Low-Risk Plants

Shopping List

Use the tools on our website to make sure your plant choices are low risk and to find member suppliers in your area. Note everything down on our handy shopping list and all that’s then left to do is go shopping!

Checking Your Choice is Low Risk

Find Out if Your Plant is Low Risk

Did you know that by checking your choice you can have a beautiful garden AND protect the environment? Here are five ways to check if your plant is low risk.

Contribute Research on Low-Risk Plants

Are You Plant Sure?

Have you ever wondered how to ID a plant? Our Are You Plant Sure? booklet is all about ‘making sure you are sure’ about your ornamental garden plants.

Predicting Risk

This Plant Risk Assessment Tools brochure explains how the tools are used.

Our Research Tool

In this short video you’ll hear from Evonny and Sam, who discuss the issues with some ornamental plants jumping the garden fence, spreading into nearby bushland and taking over, and talk more about our research tool, which has been designed and tested by researchers at Macquarie University.

Recommending Low-Risk Plants

Top 10 Tips

We’ve put together our top 10 tips for recommending low-risk plants.

Maintaining Low-Risk Gardens

Garden Design Planning Workbook

Our garden design planning workbook will make it even easier for you to garden responsibly… use it to jot down notes about your design, list the low-risk plants you need and which suppliers stock them, and so much more. A great tool that can be used online or printed out!

The Plant Sure Four Ps

Our easy-to-remember tips for managing and maintaining your garden to reduce the risk of plants accidentally spreading into bushland.