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Our eco-label is based on the best available science, which means you can be confident that the plants you’ve chosen won’t jump the garden fence and cause harm to our environment.

We use plant risk assessments developed by researchers at Macquarie University in Sydney to identify which plants have a low risk of invasiveness and qualify for the Certified Gardening Responsibly eco-label.

And the more data and information we collect, the more plants we can recommend for your garden!

A cost-effective way to restrict the spread of potentially invasive plants is to help buyers better understand if they pose a risk, so that gardeners and industry can choose ornamental plants that are better for the environment and won’t ‘jump the fence’.

Michelle Leishman, Distinguished Professor of Biology, Macquarie University, Sydney NSW

(You can find out about the science behind this initiative and hear more from Professor Leishman in ‘New weed-fighting website helps gardeners make better choices‘, a recent article published in Macquarie Univeristy’s The Lighthouse.)

Image: Rodney’s Plants Plus in Pialligo, ACT

What Can You Do in Our Research Portal?

Anyone can search in our Research Portal to find information and to explore the plant risk assessments.

You can also:

Review all completed assessments and contribute additional plant knowledge.

Upload your plants or stock list to see the risk status of your plants.

Nominate a plant for assessment (subject to review by our team).

Share your knowledge and contribute information to improve our understanding.

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