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Are you a landscaper who wants to show your commitment to gardening responsibly?

You can make a difference! Join the movement and take our pledge to show your commitment to gardening responsibly and reducing the risk of invasive plants spreading in our environment.

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The Plant Sure Scheme, a ‘gardening responsibly initiative’ will reduce the risk of future weed invasions to the environment.

Not sure if the plants you’ve chosen are safe for the environment? Nominate your garden plants for an assessment.

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The Plant Sure Scheme will be built and trialled in NSW between September 2020 and March 2022 and includes the following building blocks:

  • Robust scientific Tool and categorisation process
  • Collaborative agreement and trust between cross sector stakeholders to determine plant lists
  • A push-pull supply chain strategy with marketing and education to influence plant choices
  • Supply chain certification to recognise and reward responsible gardening champions.
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Why garden responsibly?

People are passionate about gardening with ornamental plants and they want to feel proud of their gardens and landscapes. More than 2 billion ornamental plants are sold each year and only a very small number can ‘jump the garden fence’ and become invasive weeds. The Plant Sure Scheme will provide a collaborative and proactive approach to managing this problem.

Plant Sure Scheme Phase 2 Roadmap

During Phase 2 of the Plant Sure Scheme we will conduct a ‘proof of concept’ 18-month, small scale trial in NSW, to assess if the Scheme will be viable, credible and self-sustaining into the future. We will build on the research completed during Phase 1, including refining the Macquarie University Ornamental Plant Decision Support Tool and completing the development of all 14 Scheme components recommended by the University of Wollongong.

The Scheme trial has been extended due to the COVID-19 lockdown

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How can we participate?

Tailored resources will be developed by March 2021