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Gardening Responsibly is a ground-breaking initiative that helps all Australians enjoy beautiful, healthy gardens while reducing the impact of future landscape-scale weed invasions.

At the heart of the initiative is our Certified Gardening Responsibly eco-label — the gardening responsibly tick of approval. Only ornamental plants that have been assessed through our research portal as having a low future-invasive risk can get the tick, and only member suppliers who have joined our Plant Sure Scheme can sell or provide plants with the tick.

By creating a gardening responsibly movement where we identify, breed and sell garden plants with a low risk of becoming an invasive weed, we are supporting our native biodiversity and saving billions of dollars we’d otherwise spend on weed removal.

The Gardening Responsibly Initiative and Plant Sure Scheme has been designed in consultation with over 650 stakeholders and has been assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.

Take a look at who is partnering with us on our gardening responsibly journey.

Our FAQs have even more information about the Initiative.

Quick Stats

  • 72% of weed species were accidentally introduced as garden ornamentals
  • 12 new plant naturalisations (establishment of ornamental plants in bushland) occur each year
  • The combined cost of invasive species each year in Australia is $13.6 billion
  • Our program has been designed in consultation with over 650 stakeholders
  • We’re reaching out to both plant experts and the community to help us assess the 30,000+ ornamental plants in trade in Australia using the ground-breaking Ornamental Plant Decision Support Tool, a tool that has been developed in partnership with Macquarie University to identify low-risk ornamental garden plants

Media Releases

1 April 2022Ground-breaking New Initiative to Help Australians Garden Responsibly

Media Coverage

4 April 2022: ‘New weed-fighting website helps gardeners make better choices‘ article in Macquarie University’s The Lighthouse.

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Aimee Freimanis, Program Manager of the Gardening Responsibly Initiative and Plant Sure Scheme


The Gardening Responsibly Initiative is a ‘responsible gardening’ initiative that will reduce the risk of future weed invasions to the environment.
Our animation shows just a couple of examples of how easily a plant can jump the garden fence and subsequently become invasive. How plant sure are you that you’re gardening responsibly?