How to Garden Responsibly

Let’s Make a Difference

To make a real difference, we need everyone to be part of the Gardening Responsibly movement.

What’s your first step to gardening responsibly?

Here are just four ways you can get involved:

Choose low invasive-risk plants for your project — search our ever-growing list of certified low-risk ornamental plants or get advice and plants from one of our Gardening Responsibly Scheme suppliers.

Recommend low invasive-risk plants to others — grow the movement by telling your neighbours, family, community group, organisation or clients about us! Chat over the fence or share our content on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Research to find more low invasive-risk plants — if you’re a plant expert or enthusiast, sign up to our free Research Portal to help us assess and review even more ornamental plants.

Maintain your low invasive-risk garden — head to the ‘Learn’ section of our site to dig deeper into how to review your existing garden, find tips for plant maintenance and to get the dirt on the problem with invasive plants.

We love to imagine a world where checking that
an ornamental plant has a low risk of invasion
is common practice for all Australians.

The greenlife industry is committed to innovation and creating a sustainable future.

As part of the Gardening Responsibly Initiative we are working with all parts of the industry to build our plant knowledge and to increase the supply of Certified Gardening Responsibly plants through the Gardening Responsibly Scheme.

If you’re a supplier of ornamental garden plants or services, find out how you can support the Gardening Responsibly Initiative.