Alstonia scholaris
Alstonia scholaris

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Lower Risk
Produces copious viable seed or propagulesRisk to human or animal healthSpread long distances by wind

Alstonia scholaris (Milky Pine, Devil Tree)

Alstonia scholaris (Milky Pine, Indian Pulai, Devil Tree and Dita Bark) is an evergreen
species, native to the Indian subcontinent, southern China, Indochina, Philippines,
Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Tropical Australia. This longed lived large tree
can grow to 30m in urban settings and 60m in native habitat and prefers well drained loamy
soils. Devil Tree has been in trade in Australia since 1850 and has not naturalised. This species is not known as invasive. Injured bark and leaves exude a milky sap that is an irritant, pollen produced during blooming is known to cause nasal allergies. Seeds are numerous, small, flat and tufted at the ends, and
are dispersed by the wind. Preferred climate is tropical to subtropical / monsoonal.