Acacia cognata
Acacia cognata

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Lower Risk

Acacia cognata (Bower Wattle, River Wattle)

(Acacia subporosa var. linearis, Racosperma cognatum)

This species is an erect or spreading tree or shrub which grows 3-10 m tall. It is native to NSW (south from Nowra) and VIC. It is not known to be invasive anywhere, and while it has not naturalised anywhere overseas is has naturalised outside of its native range in parts of VIC. While it is unknown how long it has been in trade in Australia, a number of cultivars have been developed from this species (‘Bower Beauty’, ‘Cousin Itt’, ‘Copper Tips’, ‘Fettuccini’, ‘Green Mist’, ‘Lime Magik’, ‘Limelight’, ‘Mop Top’, and ‘Waterfall’).