Angelonia angustifolia
Angelonia angustifolia

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Lower Risk
Invasive overseasProduces copious viable seed or propagules

Angelonia angustifolia (Summer Snapdragon)

Angelonia angustifolia (Angelonia or Summer Snapdragon), is native to Mexico and the West Indies. It is an upright, somewhat bushy, tropical perennial that is noted for its long summer bloom of small snapdragon-like flowers. It is grown as an annual in temperate climates. Flowers are white, pink, mauve or bicoloured. This species has been in cultivation in Australia since 1857 and has not naturalised. This species is considered as low risk for NSW, but is not recommended for Qld, or other tropical areas. The species is recorded as invasive in several Pacific islands where it has been widely planted, including French Polynesia and Fiji. It reproduces by seed. Angelonia angustifolia thrives in hot humid climates. It has the potential to be a problem in coastal and tropical areas of Qld, NT and WA. There appears to be no risk of it becoming invasive in temperate regions of Australia.